Skydive University

Skydive Cuautla with Skydive University offer a progressive training approved by the USPA (United States Parachute Association) organization that regulates parachuting worldwide.

The course AFF (accelerated free fall) is the global standard for certification as skydivers. This system is designed for those who are seriously interested in skydiving as a sport, or simply for those wishing to make a single parachute jump.

Our system consists of a lecture and a series of 18 levels of learning divided into two courses. Through which you will develop your skills both survival and maneuvering. At the end of your training you'll get your A license, you can jump to it with your friends and skydiving worldwide! But it is only the beginning of your life in this great sport.

The sky is no longer the limit!


The lectures are held on weekdays in Mexico City, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7pm to 10pm. You can also take the lecture Friday at Cuautla in one session of 5 hours and you can jump the next day!


With the assistance of instructors approved by the USPA and Skydive University, you will learn basic body positions, opening the parachute and awareness of altitude. Also you develop skills around your flight: turns, displacement and types outs of the aircraft; everything in a simple and secure way.

In each jump you will be assisted by your instructor you through the radio, who will support you to properly to fly your parachute and land in the right place safely and that from the first level you jump with your own parachute.

All our instructors are certified and trained by the USPA, they will help you at all times and are ready to solve any of your questions.