Tandem Jump

  • Take shared parachute controls and learn to fly it, for us you are already a student, so your instructor is going to be available to teach you Once you land, you are officially a student skydiving.


  • We all have dreams and desires to experience new things that change our lives, goals to achieve and changes to overcome... adrenaline, extreme sport, something you should do at least once in your life!!! Call it what you want, but change your fear for passion, and feel how your body and your mind fly away in a never experienced sensation, You are by yourself experiencing something you never thought would succeed. Nothing will be the same ever again.

Feel the Rush!

Jumps up to 13.000 and 17.000 feet! above sea level!

This adventure has already started, you get to the drop zone, you sign up, moments later will be your turn to get on the plane, you will start the ascent of 15 minutes...The plane with which we jump at Skydive Cuautla has capacity to carry more than 20 skydivers at an altitude of 17,000 ft above sea level. And since we have a large number of passengers, we are the only Dropzone in Mexico with this aircraft and flight capabilities. later, the door will open, your instructor and your are walking to the door and WOW suddenly you are flying, you see all and get through the clouds, and smiling like never before, The freefall of your jump will last about 60 seconds out 13,000 ft above ground level, I assure you it will be one of the best experiences of your life. But the fun does not end here. Once you open your parachute at a safe altitude of 5,500 ft (regulated by USPA), you can have communication with your instructor who will assist you flying your parachute. Make sure you say what you want, you can choose the extreme flying or fly your parachute quietly