How much does a Tandem Jump Costs?

You want the best experience, you get more for your money in Skydive Cuautla than in any other drop zone.

Do not be fooled, some companies offer cheaper jumps but only get less than half the time of freefall, which is the best part of the jump, so in the end you pay a lot more for less

The Tandem jump is not the same wherever you go, there's more than a price difference between the Dropzones

What you should know before choosing where to jump?

  • What is the altitude at which we will be jumping for this price?
  • How long is the freefall duration??
  • How many of my friends can go together on the same flight?
  • What can i do while I wait?
  • If I buy photos, video or both, my instructor carries a camera strapped to his hand or will a professional cameraman join us? What is the difference?
  • What meal options are in the restaurant?
  • Do I have the right weight/height to do a tandem jump?

Check out our pricing information for the tandem jump and please call our customer service team for any questions.
01-800 SKYDIVE / +52 (1) 55 5517.8529

Individual List Price

Group Prices

In your first Tandem Jump:

  • We accept all credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress without extra fee).
  • Please, call us to know more about our discounts.

  • Group Prices are NOT stackable with other promotions. And only valid Saturdays and Sundays.

  • ** All Prices are expresed in (MXN) MEXICAN PESOS**
  • Make a Reservation 8 days in advance and to confirm at least 5 days before the chosen date on supported banks (Call to customer support in case of doubts).
  • External Professional cameraman is only available in leaps 17,000 ft (Above Sea Level).
  • Prices valid only with bank deposit.
  • If any of your passengers are encouraged to jump without reservation, will pay the normal price currently is $ 2,600 to 13,000 ft above sea level and $ 3,200.00 to 17,000 feet above sea level, the price of reservation applies only with the deposit.
  • See Restrictions and Recommendations.